Recap 23rd January

Ludwig von Mises:
Dear VELO Community, I would like to invite you to this AMA. It is an internal AMA, i.e. for the group here, but of course the whole DeFi community is invited as well.

New users are always welcome..! 😊

I would like to use this weekly / bi-weekly AMA for concrete discussions within the VELO community. We will not be able to discuss everything in detail, but we can call here topic concretely by name and plan next steps..
As this is the first internal AMA I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the community…

Our friends at the reputable Defi Yield community have completed a complimentary audit of the Velotoken protocol. This is a second full pass audit report for Velotoken, earlier was conducted by Solidity Finance in December 2020. is a terrific source of information regarding the projects they look into. To date, they have audited 35 projects. Aside from their pools, they also list Vaults and TVL Rankings. They also provide tools to help you with your investing strategies. Velotoken is delighted to be reviewed by these defi professionals.

We thank everyone in our amazing community who voted for Velotoken audit…

VELO DAO Proposal — “VELO goes to Binance Smart Chain”

Dear VELO Community,

We look back on a turbulent year 2020 with many unexpected developments, both in the crypto market and beyond. The global pandemic continues to dominate daily events in many areas which also has a direct impact on the entire crypto market. It is also becoming more and more apparent that what really counts is not what people say, but how people act. This is the only way to create something meaningful and of value. This also applies to the VELO project itself.

Putting Words into Actions — the DAO + MISES approach

As you know, the VELO project has been structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)…

Dear VELO community,

The VELO token is primarily a community driven project. Any changes made to the VELO protocol need to be voted on by the community. This means that from the moment I locked up all VLO in the farming pools I officially gave away all control to the community.

I did this for a reason, any good project needs a strong community backing. Today is the day the community gets the first opportunity to decide the future of VELO. …

As UNI rewards have ended on November 17th, this leads to 13,000 people with a total of 1.75B in locked up liquidity contemplating their next move.

Article on Cointelegraph

Uniswap is believed by many to remain the most trusted DEX, with the most volume. The recent end of UNI rewards has caused a 40% decrease in total liquidity provided in Uniswap.

This article is for those who are looking for alternatives to utilize their Uniswap liquidity. What you’re reading proposes a new use-case of Uniswap liquidity providers, in the form of entering a new token ecosystem.

What I am referring to is a…

VELO Token Community Roadmap

Currency is the building block of “economy”. Without currency, there is no economy. The only true measure of the value of anything is people’s decisions. It is the interaction between people, their willingness to trade at a certain price, that is the only senseful way of determining “value”.

Nothing has inherent value. No goods, no services and no currency. Any value derives from the human free will. From interaction between people.

Based on these views, velocity is not only an objective expression of human interaction. Velocity is humans’ free will at play.

Any intervention from a single entity on what…

Strong hands, pay attention! 00:00 UTC tonight marks a very important day.

So far, around 3M of the 100M $VLO have been farmed. This article is a short guide to how you can start farming in the “Foundation Pools”, where 40% of all $VLO tokens are farmed.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, SUPER MISES and EVIL MISES pools will yield a total of 20 million $VLO per week! This amounts to 40% of ALL $VLO dispersed over the coming 2 weeks!

Foundation Pools on

In order to farm $VLO in these pools, you are required to add liquidity to…

Dear VELO community,

*This article was published on November 3rd, communicating that we had run into a misalignment of the tooling used on Etherscan for verification, and the hardhat official tooling used to compile and deploy the smart contract to the Ethereum chain.

We are very happy to announce that this has been taken care of. Now, all of our contracts are verified on Etherscan!

We have been in contact with the core team of the brilliant hardhat framework, formerly known as the buildr framework. Who in turn is in contact with Etherscan itself to get this misalignment fixed.


View from the Moon (Mises, 2020)

World of DeFi! This is Ludwig von Mises,

It’s been almost 50 years since the last time you saw me.

Get your farming equipment ready, because in the honour of the 12th anniversary of the Bitcoin Whitepaper release, I am back with something new and different. Something unique!

  • In the next couple of chapters I explain how multiple economic theories are put to the test in DeFi.
  • If you want to jump straight to the pools, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Dawn of DeFi

I have been following the DeFi space closely. While DeFi has already been recognised for its immense…


Austrian School economist, historian, logician and sociologist.

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